As any football fan knows, statistics are a big part of the game—and most can rattle off the numbers of all of their favorite players. But TDs, rushing and passing yards, and the number of sacks a player achieves tell only part of a player’s suitability for NFL coaches.

NFL coaches are also looking at the numbers delivered during the comprehensive physicals given to new and potential draftees every year. Capturing all of these lesser-known numbers was FUJIFILM’s XG5000 digital x-ray system, which then delivers them to Fuji Synapse PACS. All of this information is then reviewed by physicians from each of the NFL’s 32 teams, making sure that each player is fit to punt, pass, or kick a football.

A total of 2,000 imaging studies on 300 players, including 1,600 general x-rays of knees, shoulders, spines, and extremities were performed by the Clarian Health System in Indianapolis during a pre-draft workout in February. Diagnostic tests also included MRIs and cardiac evaluations. This was in addition to drills and interviews by coaches and doctors to evaluate playing performance.

This year was significant from an imaging perspective, because it marked the first year that the Fuji systems were used to image and manage the players’ studies, and, according to Clarian Health System director of radiology Todd Stanley, made the process of distributing data much easier. “While [taking part in the draft process] is a distinction we’re very proud of, providing all the diagnostic imaging for the NFL is a considerable undertaking and so we need the most efficient and highly reliable systems,” he said in a Fuji press release. “The Synapse PACS…proved to have faster transmission times, provided immediate access to reports, and even enabled us to enhance workflow with the ability to scan documents and patient histories.” Clarian has been involved with the NFL draft for the last quarter century.


(Source: Press Release)