ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 6 — Tim Wojcik, Research Program Leader at Carestream Health, Inc., has been nominated by Design News magazine for the prestigious “2009 Engineer of the Year” award.


Wojcik was nominated for his leadership of the company’s CARESTREAM DRX-1 System program—a cassette-size, wireless digital radiography detector that provides a rapid, affordable conversion to the benefits of digital X-ray technology—and is one of only four world-class engineers in the running for this annual award.

In his 30-plus year career as an engineer in the digital imaging space, Tim Wojcik is known for spearheading the development of first-of-its-kind technologies. Leveraging both his engineering and management experience, Wojcik most recently led a team at Carestream Health to develop the DRX-1 system technology, which promises to accelerate the X-ray-to-DR conversion because it enables healthcare organizations to upgrade without having to extensively modify existing facilities and buy new equipment.


For years, engineering challenges hindered the development of this ideal solution. Most existing DR detectors are two to three times the spatial volume of a traditional cassette. Reducing the image area could help accommodate all the needed components, but then imaging applications would be limited. Designing a wireless, cassette-size detector demanded not just a compact form factor, but also development of extremely efficient, compact onboard battery power and wireless communications.


Carestream Health took on the challenge of developing this new technology and succeeded by combining novel engineering with dogged determination. The company has applied for seven new patents in the design of its DRX-1 system, which is also very lightweight and durable.


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Source: Care Stream Press Release