Even though modern media like CDs and DVDs have made the transfer and storage of patients’ imaging studies easier, there are still some age-old problems that can occur—among them mislabeled or filed reports or incorrect information typed into a patient record. But that should be a thing of the past with BRIT’s new HL7 interface for its Roentgen Burner.

The new release Version 2.2, which includes a CD/DVD importer with a paper digitizer, can transfer studies and paper information into any DICOM server. The new interface was demonstrated during the SIIM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis.

According to BRIT Systems president Shelly Fisher, in a company press release, the new HL7 interface delivers a number of benefits: “There is less work for the clerk, no chance of putting the wrong printed report in a CD folder, and the study and report stay together and can be viewed together quite readily.”

The new importing tool supports a modality worklist interface, so the study can be matched with an order before sending it to the PACS. The system has a number of flexible options that allow the user to select the entire study or an image series, change information in the DICOM header, and include all annotations and sticky notes with the saved or burned image.

(Source: Press Release)