Ruedi G. Laupper

Radiography is my passion, and building the ultimate radiography system has, for many years, been my futuristic dream. No other imaging modality enjoys such a broad clinical role or more complete global acceptance, yet radiography has always been limited by conventional design ideas and analog imaging. This is no longer true.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our expert team here at Swissray, the futuristic dream has become the present. We have traveled back to the future by successfully combining innovative system design and digital imaging in complete systems. We now offer solutions to many problems that could not be addressed with yesterday’s technology.

From efficiently testing immigrants for tuberculosis, to rapidly imaging patients in a busy orthopedic clinic, to solving bottleneck problems in the emergency department, Swissray direct digital radiography (ddR) is proving to be the perfect radiography technology for mainstream clinical practice.

I trust that you will find this magazine very enjoyable reading.

All of us here at Swissray wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and every success in the New Year. Kindest regards.

Ruedi G. Laupper is Chairman, President and CEO of Swissray International, Inc