Aycan was invited to participate in the European Society of Radiology’s Post Processing Workstation Face-Off session during their annual conference. Along with aycan, the other companies that participated were GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, TeraRecon, and Vital Images.

This year’s Face-Off involved two complex viewing tasks. The two tasks involved CTA of the coronary arteries and functional MRI and metastasized malignant melanoma including detection of lung nodules with CAD and segmentation of two lesions over time assessing volumetric and RECIST response. Using its OsiriX PRO (a 64-bit fast highly functional workstation for conventional, multi-slice, and other image reading), aycan completed all the tasks. All vendors, including aycan, completed the first task within the 6-minute time frame. Only aycan, Vital Images, and Terarecon were able to complete the second task within the 4-minute time frame. Of particular note for aycan, aycan did not use pre-processed data of both tasks before the start of the face-off.