NuGuard GripStand from Newer Technology The NuGuard Grip-Stand from Newer Technology,

Woodstock, Ill, is a hard plastic protective shell that grips your iPad while enveloping it in a shock-absorbing inner rubber liner. The removable, skid-resistant desktop stand can be swiveled 360° and positioned at virtually any angle for viewing or typing needs. The desktop stand also doubles as a highly effective one-hand grip so you can use your iPad while standing or walking. Use the desktop stand as a handle to carry your iPad like a briefcase, or, when travel bag space is a consideration, just twist the desktop stand to remove it. Going mobile with your iPad is a breeze too. During transport, flip the iPad around so the glass is facing into the protective case for extra protection. (815) 308-7001

i-Center from AFC Industries AFC Industries,

College Point, NY, offers the i-Center. The solution is suited to securely hold your laptop in patient rooms or hallways. An electronic keyless lock is available along with other accessories such as cable management, power strips, and fans. The i-Center has laminated front and side walls in a variety of finishes, and radius edges that increase safety, yet provide added aesthetic value. Custom solutions are available to meet your every requirement. (800) 663-3412

Lead-Free Aprons from Wolf X-Ray Corp Wolf X-Ray Corp,

Deer Park, NY, a US manufacturer of x-ray products for 80 years, introduces Wolf’s “GREEN” Lead-Free X-Ray Protective Aprons for medical, dental, and veterinary use. Wolf GREEN Lead-Free Aprons provide the same 0.3 mm lead-equivalency protection as traditional leaded aprons, yet weigh 25% less and pose no hazard to the environment when disposed of. Wolf uses a lead-free rubber layer, sandwiched between a vinyl front and a tear-resistant cling back. When the apron has reached the end of its life, it can simply be thrown away without fear of adding lead contaminants to landfills. Wolf GREEN Aprons are available in eight styles, 13 colors, and four patterns. Custom logo and name embroidery is available as well. (800) 356-9729

DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System from Carestream Carestream,

Rochester, NY, received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for its CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System. This mobile DR system delivers outstanding image quality, provides easy maneuverability, and comes with numerous productivity-enhancing features. The DRX-Revolution enhances image quality for portable exams thanks to its 32 kW generator, DRX detector, and special software that enables the radiographer to easily align the tube with a grid. This new mobile DR system also features a collapsible column that allows unobstructed views for enhanced visibility and safety while moving the system. Its dual-drive system and the ability to make tight, 360-degree turns in small spaces like those found in an ICU, emergency department, or operating room enable the unit to be quickly and properly positioned to capture an image. (888) 777-2072

pedCAT from CurveBeam LLC CurveBeam,

Warrington, Pa, has received 510(k) approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for pedCAT, its weight-bearing, in-office 3D foot and ankle scanner. pedCAT utilizes Cone Beam Computed Tomography technology to produce undistorted and unobstructed images of the foot and ankle region under true physiological weight-bearing conditions. The machine’s small footprint—4′ x 5’—and its speedy operation with scan times under a minute make it suitable for in-office use. The patient’s foot and ankle are scanned in a natural weight-bearing position for a precise view of physiological weight-bearing effects. pedCAT delivers 3D volumetric data for improved diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment planning including preoperative planning; diagnosis, confirmation, or ruling out fractures; evaluating subluxations and dislocations; evaluating arthritic joints; and early detection of osteomyelitis. (866) 400-0035

HDVR Connect from Fovia Medical Inc Fovia Medical Inc,

Palo Alto, Calif, a developer of volume rendering technology, and Teikyo University School of Medicine, Tokyo, one of the leading centers for medical research and patient care in Japan, have collaborated to bring High Definition Volume Rendering® (HDVR) on the iPad to the operating room. Fovia’s HDVR Connect software, now available for the iPad, delivers critical information in real time, giving surgeons the ability to significantly enhance surgical outcomes. With iPad HDVR, physicians and surgeons have access to advanced visualization on a mobile, multitouch platform, allowing them to query and review critical data “on-the-fly” without losing valuable time during surgical procedures. Fovia has developed a flexible, scalable solution designed for state-of-the-art hospital environments that addresses the increasing need for on-demand access to medical images. (866) 333-6842

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