DRX-1C Detector from Carestream Health

Carestream Health, Rochester, NY, has introduced another version of its CARESTREAM DRX line of wireless DR detectors. The new CARESTREAM DRX-1C detector uses a cesium iodide scintillator to deliver higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE) than the standard DRX-1. As with its predecessor, the DRX-1C is wireless and cassette-size, and uses the same battery and electronics. It’s also designed to be used with all three DRX-based imaging solutions: the CARESTREAM DRX-1 system, CARE-STREAM DRX-Mobile Retrofit kit, and CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution suite. With the DRX-1 system, health care facilities are able to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade existing analog x-ray rooms from film or CR systems to DR technology in less than a day.

www.carestreamhealth.com (888) 777-2072

Transportable DR System from IMIX

IMIX Americas Inc, Sterling, Va, has introduced the IMIXRadStation, a transportable digital radiography system that can be moved and connected to any existing radiography system to deliver immediate imaging. Proprietary interface technology and generator quick-connects allow the RadStation to deliver full digital capability without mechanical modifications to the existing platform. RadStation comes equipped with the IMIX SlimlineT TFT-based detector with a 14″ x 17″ field of view.

www.imixadr.com (888) 464-9723

CX50 POC Ultrasound System from Philips

Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, has introduced the Philips CX50 POC, a new point of care configuration for Philips’ compact, portable CX50 ultrasound system. The CX50 POC is designed for point-of-care use, such as in an examining room, bedside, or operating room. The CX50 POC is able to provide reliable information to clinicians during ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and ultrasound-guided pain management. The technology can also be applied to focused exams, including cardiac, vascular access, lung, abdominal, OB/GYN, and musculoskeletal. The CX50 is versatile enough to be used with patients who are obese, unable to move, or on ventilators. While the system is small and portable, it also offers advanced capabilities that can be applied as a physician’s ultrasound program expands.

www.healthcare.philips.com (800) 229-6417

CXDI-70C Wireless DR Detector from Canon USA

Canon USA, Lake Success, NY, has introduced the company’s first wireless DR detector, the CXDI-70C Wireless Digital Radiography System. The CXDI-70C features a 14-inch by 17-inch image area, which has the same dimensions as ISO 4090 film cassette. The wireless system enables cable-free image transfer and can be easily carried and lifted, weighing less than 8 pounds. The new detector also incorporates a new Canon-developed glass substrate with a pixel pitch of 125 microns. In addition, the unit features a cesium iodide (CsI) scintillator, which delivers high-quality images while reducing the x-ray exposure to the patient. Technologists can also preview high-resolution images within 3 to 5 seconds after exposure on the new CXDI Control Software NE.

www.usa.canon.com (800) 970-7227

HI VISION Preirus Ultrasound from Hitachi

Hitachi Medical Systems America Inc, Twinsburg, Ohio, has announced the availability of its HI VISION Preirus ultrasound scanner in the US market. The compact design features unique ergonomics and Cell Processor technology. The Preirus is also equipped with “Smart Touch” operation that includes a touch screen integrated with the unit’s LCD display for increased scanning efficiency. Preirus is complemented by a selection of transducers. Each probe is engineered with application-specific crystal array characteristics and architecture, including Hitachi’s V53W transvaginal probe, 4D volumetric imaging probes, and laparoscopic. The Preirus also supports advanced imaging with optional features of Real-time Tissue Elastography, which correlates MRI, CT, or ultrasound volumes to a live ultrasound exam and displays them both side by side in real time during scanning. Although just released to the US market, Preirus has been available in Europe and Japan for more than a year.

www.hitachimed.com (800) 800-3106

Medical Mobile Search App for iPhone from Nuance

Huance Communications Inc, Burlington, Mass, has introduced its Dragon Medical Mobile Search App, now available on the Apple App Store. The voice-enabled medical search app for iPhone gives clinicians a way to search for medical information and features an advanced form of Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. The app allows clinicians to dictate a search query. Seconds later, the Dragon Medical Mobile Search Carousel displays results from a variety of sources, such as Drugs.mobi, IMO®, MedLine, MedScape, and Google. The search carousel can direct users to related diseases, drug references, alternative medications, correct billing codes, journals, and related articles from across all the search sites. Physicians can also dictate a drug name and receive drug description, dosing, and contraindications from Drugs.mobi.

www.nuance.com (800) 654-1187

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