New Products for the Imaging Industry

Magnetic Resonance Cardiac Function Analysis Application from Ziosoft

Ziosoft Inc, Redwood City, Calif, has received clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration to market its MR cardiac function analysis application for use with the Ziostation? thin-client system. Users can employ the MR cardiac function analysis application to evaluate the structures and function of the heart in the initial screening and subsequent management of coronary disease patients. Physicians can extract left ventricle myocardial contours from Ziosoft’s automatic interpolation algorithm. The application generates standard functional assessment calculations, such as ejection fraction, peak filling rate (PFR), and peak ejection rate (PER), in addition to automatic calculation of myocardial mass. Different sequences are displayed in one view, which permits clinicians to scroll between sequences and positions simultaneously. This exclusive feature provides an intuitive method of displaying patient information for more proficient image interpretation. Furthermore, the MR cardiac function application can be accessed throughout the enterprise on the Ziostation thin-client system, providing physicians with real-time collaboration when assessing results from an MR study.

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NumaManage from Numa Inc

Debuting at the Society of Nuclear Medicine meeting, NumaManage from Numa Inc, Amherst, NH, looks to revolutionize workflow and schedule management of a molecular imaging department. Specifically, NumaManage is a patient scheduling and workflow manager that aims to streamline the workflow process. Replacing the traditional static whiteboard with a digital touchscreen interface, NumaManage proves flexibility and efficiency with real-time information updates. Users need to input patient information only once, and it is distributed throughout the entire department. The DICOM Worklist Provider also has the ability to reference the current stage in the patient study procedure by a color coding system that marks the study’s arrival, start, completion, or cancellation. Numa explains that its product conducts real-time synchronization, and it customizes profiles to fit study protocols and embed notes into the studies.

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ACUSON X300 Premium Edition from Siemens

Touted as exhibiting exceptional clinical performance across all modes, including 3D/4D imaging, a dedicated ultrasound solution from Siemens Healthcare, Malvern, Pa, represents the company’s latest innovation within women’s imaging. The ACUSON X300? Premium Edition ultrasound features workflow tools such as automated biometry measurements of the fetus. Siemens says the product is compact, highly portable, and easy to use, accommodating the needs of any clinical environment. The ACUSON X300 PE offers syngo? Auto OB measurements, which automates routine biometry measurements of the fetus. The development team also made sure that the application addressed challenges related to user dependence and variability as well as consistency and reproducibility in fetal biometry. Measurements, which are automatically saved into the patient’s report, include the biparietal diameter (BPD), head circumference (HC), abdominal circumference (AC), femur length (FL), and humerus length (HL).

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Dilon 6800 from Dilon Technologies

New enhancements for both breast and general nuclear medicine applications image processing are included in the latest release from Dilon Technologies Inc, Newport News, Va. Dilon 6800 Software serves as a complement for the Slant15 Collimator for breast imaging and the Low Energy High-Resolution Collimator for general nuclear medicine applications, both released earlier in the year as purchase options for the Dilon 6800 gamma camera. The software package comes with processing protocols for pediatric lung and renal, as well as gallbladder, imaging and ejection studies. According to Dilon, additional features go beyond breast, thyroid, sentinel node, and spot bone imaging to offer high-resolution, organ-specific studies. With the flexibility to image at the patient’s bedside or to move the unit between multiple facilities, the compact system also includes on-screen measurement and quantification toolkits that help determine lesion size and location in breast imaging. Furthermore, the software allows for simultaneous processing and acquisition.

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SecureVac VersaCushion from Bionix Radiation Therapy

Bionix Radiation Therapy, Toledo, Ohio, is aware that many patients do not fit perfectly on simple headrests. These gaps between device and patient ultimately result in poor patient comfort and adjustments in the patient treatment plan. To address this issue, Bionix Radiation Therapy has introduced its new SecureVac VersaCushion, a device that is said to increase reproducibility, maximizes patient comfort, and is considered to be a complex billing device. A brick-shaped vacuum pillow the size of a Silverman head support, the SecureVac VersaCushion is made from a durable vinyl material designed to withstand an 8-week treatment cycle while keeping the shape of the patient’s head and neck. The company explains that a vacuum tube protrudes from the side of the bag, which can be positioned on any current head board for indexing. Furthermore, it fits inside thermoplastic masks. If a patient’s physical attributes change during the course of treatment, customers can design a custom fit by remolding the VersaCushion without wasting product or material.

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BioShield Radiation from Premier Micronutrient Corporation

After a series of comprehensive research studies and a governmental research initiative, Premier Micronutrient Corp, Nashville, Tenn, is offering BioShield-Radiation to the general public. According to the company, it is the only product of its kind on the market. BioShield-Radiation is equipped with a proprietary combination of dietary and endogenous antioxidants that have each exhibited radiation protection capabilities. The company stresses that it is completely safe and maximally effective in decreasing oxidative stress as demonstrated in numerous scientific studies. Particularly, BioShield-Radiation is recommended for patients undergoing medical procedures, including CT, nuclear, mammography, and fluoroscopy, and anyone regularly exposed to elevated levels of ionizing radiation, such as health care workers. Furthermore, it is ideal for frequent fliers, as, on average, the amount of cosmic radiation roughly doubles with every 6,500-foot increase in altitude.

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