For 1 week, Chicago’s McCormick Place becomes radiology’s center of the universe.

Navigating the cavernous halls of the McCormick Center can be a bit tricky at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting. More than 60,000 professionals will flood the exhibit hall, and hundreds of companies will display their latest technologies and products.

Medical Imaging offers a bit of a road map for your visit to the exhibitors. These companies are among those introducing items. Listed here are the company name, booth number, and a short description of the new product.


Carestream Health, 8342 Equipped with capabilities for 3D, vessel and cardiac analysis, and mammography evaluation, Carestream Health PACS offers a Web-based, thin-client architecture that enables users to access the tools they need for diagnostic and clinical reading anywhere, anytime.

Fujifilm, 4039 The fully integrated Fujifilm ProSolv CardioVascular application features new software for pediatric echo reporting and a Z-score module.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 Established tools, like Allura 3D Coronary Angiography and StentBoost, will be in Philips’ booth, as well as several new Allura Xper FD 20 features.

Siemens Medical Solutions, 922 Representing an entirely new family for interventional imaging in radiology and cardiology, the Artis zee product line includes the Artis zeego, a C-arm with robotic-assisted positioning.


Canon USA, 8313 Canon will display the latest addition to its portfolio of DR products, the CXDI-60G Portable Flat Panel Detector, as well as the Canon CXDI-50G Portable DR and Canon CXDI-40EC DR systems.

Carestream Health, 8342 The work-in-progress CARESTREAM DRX-1 System is the industry’s first wireless, cassette-size DR detector that can be used with existing wall stand or table-based Buckys.

Fujifilm, 4039 The portable digital x-ray system FCR Go will lead the company’s complete line of CR systems. The new Unity SpeedSuite-fp is an innovative DR system that can perform a variety of exams with a single detector.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 A comprehensive DRF room solution comes with two digital detectors: one in the vertical stand and one in the table of the EasyDiagnost Eleva.


GE Healthcare, 5529 Its Definium family of x-ray solutions features a flat-panel digital detector that delivers one of the industry’s highest detective quantum efficiency.

Toshiba America Medical Systems, 3429 In the x-ray arena, Toshiba will showcase the Kalare X-ray, RADREX-i, and Infinix-I product lines.


GE Healthcare, 5529 Showing its advances in CT, GE will exhibit its LightSpeed CT750 HD, driven by the world’s faster detector.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 In addition to debuting a new cost-effective product, Philips will unveil some of the secrets inside its Brilliance iCT platform.

The 9900 Elite uses precision imaging technology using GE’s patented Dynamic Range Management (DRM).

Toshiba America Medical Systems, 3429 The company looks forward to discussing milestones of its Aquilion One, the first dynamic volume CT system, as well as display automated workflow enhancements and clinical applications for the Aquilion CT line. Tools include Cardio Prospective and Variable Helical Pitch.


Carestream Health, 8342 A work-in-progress SuperPACS architecture allows health care IT staffs to efficiently connect disparate PACS at multiple sites throughout a health care system. The company shows how its new PACS will feature advanced applications and support for the PIX standard and enhanced voice-recognition functionality with its latest RIS.

CoActiv Medical Business Solutions, 7336 Coactiv introduces EXAM-PACS support for a range of emerging imaging modalities, including breast-specific gamma imaging, as well as new imaging?related workflow.

Fujifilm, 4039 Synapse PACS offers an integrated, Web-based radiology, cardiovascular, and mammography solution. With partner Empiric Systems LLC, Fujifilm will demonstrate the integrated PACS/RIS, featuring Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS with Empiric’s Encompass.NET RIS.

GE Healthcare, 5529 The company’s IT unit will unveil its RIS-IC solution, including recent breakthroughs in precision reporting and other modules, as well as a demo of its most recent Centricity PACS-IW version 3.7.1 release.

Merge Healthcare, 4058 The eFilm RIS/PACS provides basic RIS/PACS functionality via a single configuration. The company will also show its Fusion PACS MX 3.0 with integrated digital mammography, which is 64-bit compatible; Fusion RIS/PACS MX 4.2, with works-in-progress Fusion Billing and Fusion Web solutions; and Fusion RIS/PACS GL for international practices.

NovaRad, 4265 NovaRad showcases its Web-based NovaRIS/NovaPACS 7.1, equipped with rapid scroll speeds, series hanging protocols, rapid viewing of huge data sets, a new transcription module, a floor scheduler, and preliminary listening of reports by referring physicians.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 Philips will demonstrate its scalable, online long-term PACS storage solution, iVault, and advanced visualization tools in its iSite PACS.

Sectra, 9124 The company will launch a combined RIS/PACS solution that allows end users to deliver radiology services across several institutions. It will also display the latest additions to its next-generation PACS, including workstations for mammography and orthopedics.


AFC Industries, 3301 The M2 Computing Cart transforms a large-scale monitor and CPU into a high-powered computer work-area- to-go, designed for mobile meetings and other applications.

Anthro Corp, 7110 Modular furniture manufacturer Anthro Corp presents eNook Pro for Healthcare, the wall-mounted, lockable workstation for LCDs and laptops. Carl’s Table, its model CT08, is suited for reading soft copy and for teleradiology applications.

S&S X-Ray/S&S RADX, 4700 Upgrades to the company’s EW100 Full Featured Ergonomic Workstation include a new Centris technology articulating dual and triple monitor arm configuration that produces maximum viewing capabilities.


Aycan Medical Systems, 8710 On display will be Aycan’s FDA-cleared aycan workstation OsiriXPRO, with image postprocessing software dedicated to DICOM images.

GE will showcase its LOGIQ portfolio of products.

Double Black Imaging, 4676 The company will exhibit its new WIDE P-Series line of LCDs.

Merge Healthcare, 4058 Merge’s eFilm Workstation will be exhibiting new product updates, such as eFilm for Microsoft Vista, Hanging Protocol Builder, and Cardiothoracic Ratio.


GE Healthcare, 5529 From technology hardware to elite clinical applications, GE Healthcare introduces the newest advances to its Signa product line of MRI equipment, including its latest Signa MR750 3.0T.

Siemens Medical Solutions, 922 The company will show Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology in its two 70-cm Open Bore MRI systems.

Toshiba America Medical Systems, 3429 Toshiba showcases its 1-year-old Vantage Titan MR, in addition to the company’s new works-in-progress Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Suite, designed to increase access for breast biopsy.

Nuclear Medicine/PET/SPECT

GE Healthcare, 5529 The newest addition to GE’s Discovery family of scanners is the Discovery PET/CT 600, which enables the earlier detection and monitoring of disease.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 Representing the first time a flat-panel x-ray detector will be used for CT imaging in nuclear medicine, the Philips BrightView XCT integrates Philips BrightView SPECT in a coplanar design with advanced flat-detector X-ray CT technology.

Other Products

Bracco Diagnostics, 2845 Bracco displays its Gastrografin, diatrizoate meglumine and diatrizoate sodium solution USP, MultiHance gadobenate dimeglumin, and Isovue opamidol injection for contrast use in MRI and CT.

Carestream Health, 8342 Its latest Information Management Solutions platform allows users to manage reports, imaging exams, video files, DICOM images, and other data through one virtual desktop.

Covidien Imaging Solutions, 9113 Two contrast delivery systems from Covidien are designed to improve workflow and accuracy. One employs radio-frequency identification technology, and the Optistar Elite injects magnetic resonance (MR) contrast media into patients’ vascular systems.

Emageon Inc, 8537 Its new Outside Study Gateway enables outside facilities to perform direct DICOM transmission of its PACS images to the receiving hospital’s OSG server.

Fovia Medical Inc, 9546 The company will hold demonstration sessions for its enhanced high-definition volume rendering functionality.

NAI Tech Products, 3819 Compact stand-alone medical image recorders from NAI Tech Products are named MDR Video RP and MDR Express RP. Both offer integrated disk label printing and much more.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 Philips describes how its Ambient Experience can expand beyond the traditional modality solutions, such as MR and CT, and into customized departmental solutions, for example with PET/CT.

Radcal, 3705 At Radcal’s booth, the company will show its ACCU-PRO Multi-Purpose Analyzer with basic and advanced Dose and kVp functions, as well as its PDC and DAP Meter calibrators for the setting of reference doses.

Sorna Corp, 7632 The eXpedo 21t is a DICOM CD/DVD publishing system that integrates an embedded server, a CD/DVD burner, and a direct-to-DISC thermal labeler.

Speech Recognition

Agfa HealthCare, 4800 Agfa will introduce its IMPAX Mobility solution, an ultrathin, Web-deployable Enterprise Image and Result Viewer. Other products include an integrated Reporting solution with Philips’ SpeechMagic technology, a work-in-progress viewer technology, Web-based enterprise scheduling and planning, and a range of applications integrated into IMPAX, such as IMPAX Registration and Fusion.

Crescendo Systems, 7038 Specifically tailored after radiologists’ methods and workflows, Crescendo Systems debuts its new solution, Centro, as part of its professional Speech Recognition workflow system.

Integrated Document Solutions, 9524 The Voice2Dox 2.0 has four new features designed to significantly improve productivity in key reporting processes, including preliminary reporting, automated addendum matching, the ability to link related studies, and Snippets, a dynamic customized clipboard for commonly used text.


Aycan Medical Systems, 8710 Offering entry-level and scalable archiving systems, Aycan Medical Systems is set to showcase its successful aycan xray-print, a cost-saving DICOM paper print solution for sharing images with referring physicians and patients. Sony Electronics, 4229 The FilmStation Mammography Film Imager, model UP-DF750, uses a high-resolution thermal printing system and specially engineered blue thermal high-density film for full-field digital mammography applications.


Acuo Technologies, 8357 Acuo will showcase the latest version of the DICOM Services Grid, which creates a “search engine” environment to aggregate, federate, and virtualize medical imaging assets and related content.

For interventional imaging, the Artis zeego is a C-arm with robotic-assisted positioning.

Merge Healthcare, 4058 A product of its recently launched Managed Services, Merge Healthcare recently produced the initiative’s first offering, Disaster Recovery Services.

Vital Images Inc, 9103 The ViTAL Enterprise gives customers full access to the company’s clinical solutions and comprehensive services, including education, consulting, and maintenance.


Compressus Inc, 4073 MEDxConnect System version 2.5 is the next generation of its suite of Enterprise Systems Integration software solutions.

ContextVision, 1545 According to ContextVision, its GOPView iRVPlus software solution represents a new mode of interventional radiology where superior real-time image quality can be achieved with a dose reduction of up to one-third the normal dose.

DeJarnette, 5423 The company will preview its xDL cross-enterprise Document Librarian Product and will debut its xDLVision WADO (Web Access for DICOM Objects). The latest software version 4.0 of DeJarnette’s Intelligent Router has been integrated with Nuance’s RadWhere product offering.

Double Black Imaging, 4676 The DICOMetrix, a DICOM image flow and network performance monitoring solution, enables users to actively monitor, historically track system performance, and alert staff about system slow-downs and outages.

iCAD, 6250 The company will officially launch several new CAD analysis and clinical decision support tools that work in combination with CT and MRI imaging modalities.

Intelerad Medical Systems, 2865 Software and networking solution InteleOne is designed to consolidate the image and patient data from multiple PACS and RIS into a streamlined, single workflow solution.

MIMvista, 2015 The company will demonstrate tools for serial exam review and therapy response assessment, linking or fusing exams from multiple modalities.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 The Xper Information Management workflow solution can interface with a hospital admissions database to auto-populate the patient’s demographic information into the chart.

Siemens Medical Solutions, 922 The company will demonstrate the new version V70 of syngo Imaging XS, which includes 3D visualization applications, and Version V35 of syngo Imaging with enhanced support configurability.


GE Healthcare, 5529 GE will exhibit its LOGIQ portfolio of products, including the LOGIQ P6, LOGIQ e, LOGIQ E9, and LOGIQ i, a wireless ultrasound system with advanced features.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 In addition to displaying its HD15 ultrasound system, Philips continues to expand the capabilities of its iU22 platform through the Vision 2009 upgrade, equipped with improved workflow and throughput.

Siemens Medical Solutions, 922 Siemens will present a new product portfolio featuring workflowenhancing applications across the ACUSON P Class, X Class, and S Class of products.

Women’s Imaging

Beekley Corp, 103 Designed to remove the chill from the Bucky or receptor plate, new Bella Blankets Protective Coverlets for Mammography from Beekley Corp aim to make patients feel more at ease during a mammogram. It also introduces new Cradles Needle Localization Wire Protectors.

Look for enhancements to Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS.

Carestream Health, 8342 Pending FDA approval, digital mammography solutions from Carestream Health include CR-based digital mammography imaging, a fully featured digitizer, and a multimodality breast imaging workstation.

Fujifilm, 4039 New innovative detector technology highlights a lineup of breast imaging with Direct Optical Switching (DOS). Also shown will be the recently launched Breast Imaging Diagnostic Workstation.

GE Healthcare, 5529 GE enables precision imaging in mammography with its Senographe DS and Senographe Essential. Breast MRI solutions include VIBRANT, for bilateral imaging with no compromises; BREASE, for breast spectroscopy; and 8-Channel Breast Array, with CADstream integration.

iCAD, 6250 Digitizing solution TotalLook MammoAdvantage offers improved image quality, enhanced image customization options, and workflow efficiency.

Merge Healthcare, 4058 Merge’s ventures with its Cedara family of products include Cedara WebSchedule, Cedara Advanced Imaging Toolkits, Cedara OpenEyes image processing, Cedara WebAccess, Cedara I-Reach, and Cedara I-ReadMammo.

Philips Medical Systems, 7713 Pending FDA approval, the new MammoDiagnost VU mammography workstation can automatically align breast images based on tissue images.

Siemens Medical Solutions, 922 The MAMMOMAT NovationDR, syngo MammoReport, MammoTest, and syngo Opdima are some of the technologies Siemens will demonstrate in the women’s health arena.

Toshiba America Medical Systems, 3429 The company will unveil women’s imaging ultrasound techniques, including approaches that enable physicians to better evaluate breast lesions and Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation technology to assess the fetal heart.