Intelerad Medical Systems, a leading global provider of enterprise medical imaging solutions, announces support for Amazon HealthLake Imaging, a new HIPAA-eligible capability from Amazon Web Services (AWS), now available in preview. This development will help introduce Amazon HealthLake Imaging to the healthcare industry.

Amazon HealthLake Imaging is designed to create cost-saving efficiencies in the process of storing, converting and streaming data within Intelerad products Long-Term Archive and Disaster Recovery. Attendees at the 2022 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting taking place in Chicago from November 27-December 1 may receive a demonstration of the new solution at Intelerad’s booth, #6107, and at the AWS booth, #6958.

“We are excited to support the launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging, which will improve data analytics and workflow capabilities for end-users, also providing easier and quicker access to patient images and reports,” said Morris Panner, President, Intelerad. “As a result of this new cost-and resource-optimizing product, Intelerad can focus more time and energy on accelerating our cloud PACS transition, enhancing patient care in leading healthcare facilities and improving accuracy for analysis and diagnosis.”

Amazon HealthLake Imaging helps automate processes for uploading, storing, converting and later retrieving medical imaging data. In addition, it is designed to convert images into a specific format that is better optimized for frequent streaming, allowing professionals to rapidly retrieve and view images they’ve already uploaded using the program.

“We’re pleased to know our partner, Intelerad, is using Amazon HealthLake Imaging in a way that will provide ample benefits to not only our practice but also their established client base,” said Sam Merandi, Administrative Vice President of Radiological Physician Associates. “This relationship could, in turn, have big implications for us as it frees up Intelerad to expedite the development of the solutions we most need to improve patient care. Any new innovations to accelerate image uploading speed and retrieval is a welcome addition.”

“With the launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging, AWS continues to innovate on behalf of our customers and AWS Partners,” said Chris Hafey, Principal Product Manager at AWS. “We are thrilled that Intelerad has chosen Amazon HealthLake Imaging to accelerate its cloud PACS transition. This will benefit our mutual healthcare customers by enabling fast, sub-second, medical image retrieval within clinical workflows, securely accessed from anywhere – web, desktop, or phone – with high availability.”

[Source(s): Intelerad Medical Systems, PRWeb]