A number of new and upcoming AI solutions for radiology seeks to address the ongoing radiologist provider shortage and improve technological efficiency needs.

The American College of Healthcare Executives recently released its survey of the biggest challenges hospitals face with a new concern taking the top spot: labor shortages. Since 2004, the no. 1 concern had been financial challenges. However, labor shortages now snagged the number one spot. And the healthcare labor shortage impacts multiple specialties. Radiology is no exception, especially in pediatric radiology.

Some hospitals have turned to AI to address the provider shortage, and in the field of radiology, there are a number of options to harness AI solutions –  for ultrasound as well as CT scans. For example, DiA Imaging Analysis – based in Be’er Sheva, Israel – claims that its AI-based ultrasound software not only improves ultrasound images, but also offers analysis the human eye can miss.

It’s not just a matter of designing AI solutions that addresses the provider shortage by automating some processes. The company’s software also read images more accurately than even a provider could, something that human radiologists excel at only over years of experience.

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