Last year, US Capital Global Securities LLC launched a convertible note offering of up to $30 million for QT Imaging Inc (QT Imaging), an innovative MedTech company that continues to reach new milestones in product development, testing, and clearance. In QT Imaging’s latest milestone, a National Cancer Institute prostate cancer screening study has indicated that the company’s proprietary product, the QTscan, has equal or better sensitivity than MRI.

The QTscan is FDA-cleared for whole breast imaging and can be used for medical screening and diagnosis. Due to its proven superior sensitivity and specificity to X-ray mammography, the QTscan can safely identify the difference between benign and problematic tissue without the need for compression, injections, and potentially harmful radiation.

Recently, the QTscan was also subjected to a second (BR15) blinded multi-reader multi-case study performed by Dr. Yulei Jiang, PhD, of the University of Chicago’s Department of Radiology. The findings show that the QTscan meets the non-inferiority endpoint for breast cancer detection when compared to conventional full field digital mammography.

“We are extremely pleased, although not at all surprised, with these positive findings, which demonstrate the long-term and continued high performance of our QTscan,” said John C. Klock, M.D., CEO and Chief Medical Officer at QT Imaging. “The findings are especially exciting for young women at high risk of developing breast cancer due to genetics risk factors, but who currently do not qualify for mammography. QT Imaging’s technology finally presents them with a safe and effective method for breast screening evaluation.”

“We are very proud to be supporting QT Imaging in the development of this innovative, breakthrough, non-invasive body scanning technology,” said Charles Towle, CEO at US Capital Global Securities. “The QTscan is cost-effective, boasts greater sensitivity, and is more accurate than the technology currently available, which will allow hospitals worldwide to reduce the number of false negative scan results in the future. If you are interested, the opportunity to participate in QT Imaging’s $30 million convertible note offering is still open to eligible investors.”

QT Imaging plans to extend its platform technology to develop products for orthopedic, musculoskeletal, brain, and whole-body imaging and as a treatment platform for image-guided procedures, including a non-surgical treatment of early-stage breast cancer.

[Source(s): US Capital Global, GlobeNewswire]