Israel-based Medic Vision Imaging Solutions, a provider of vendor-independent solutions for CT and MRI scanners, has received clearance for its 3D iterative image reconstruction technology for shortening MRI scans, iQMR, by the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA). NAGASE & CO., LTD, will distribute the product in Japan.

The iQMR system enables short MRI protocols and enhanced image quality, to facilitate increased productivity, fewer repeating scans, and improved patients’ experience.

According to OECD, there are approximately 7,000 MRI scanners in Japan, second only to the U.S. market with approximately 12,000 scanners) The number of MRI scanners per 1 million population is the highest among 27 OECD countries (51.7 vs. a mean of 21.1). The number of MRI annual exams per 1,000 population in Japan is 2nd among 17 OECD countries (112 vs. a mean of 64).

“The growing demand of high quality MRI scans in the Japanese healthcare system, encouraged us to introduce local hospitals and medical imaging centers a solution that allows enhanced productivity, better diagnostic outcome and experience for their patients,” says Nahomu Kameda, manager at the medical business acceleration team of NAGASE & CO., LTD.

“We have been collaborating with Medic Vision since 2016. Its low-dose solution for CT imaging, SafeCT, was cleared by PMDA in 2017, and is being practiced by hospitals and facilities in Japan since then. We anticipate that iQMR will revolutionize the Japanese MRI market with its image enhancement and fast MRI capabilities. These abilities that can be performed on any scanner, are essential to the local medical imaging centers,” continues Kameda.

Eyal Aharon, Medic Vision’s CEO adds: “In the last year, iQMR has allowed facilities in the U.S, and in China to reduce their MRI scan time by 38% in average and to define and acquire MRI Neuro scans at five minutes overall, while maintaining or surpassing routine protocols’ image quality. We are proud and excited to team with Nagase Medical to offer our technology to the Japanese radiology market, one of the most advanced medical imaging spheres today.”

Featured image: Courtesy of Medic Vision.