Jefferson Radiology has implemented advanced telemedicine software for its diagnostic ultrasound appointments. Collaboration Live, a tele-ultrasound software by Philips, will dramatically improve patient access by enabling radiologists to connect with patients virtually and in real-time. Breast imagers can now provide an expert diagnosis, instantly answer questions, and request additional imaging from a sonographer – all from a high-definition virtual desktop.

“This new software provides patients with access to some of the best sub-specialized radiologists in the country. At a time when there is a national shortage of breast imagers, this new software is critical towards getting patients the care they need,” says Diana James, MD, head of breast imaging at Jefferson Radiology. “Radiologists get the instant ability to walk into a patient’s room and consult with them face-to-face, with no wait time and with the same level of care and support. What it is doing for accessibility is incredible.”

With radiology practices across the country facing a national staffing shortage of radiologists, remote and immediate access is critical. Collaboration Live will allow the practice to further expand its team of breast imagers, while improving efficiencies and reducing wait times between appointments. Jefferson Radiology is one of the first practices in the region to implement this cutting-edge technology, leading the way toward a new standard of care.

“Women across the country are behind on their screenings for many reasons – from critical staffing shortages to cancellations dating back to the pandemic’s early days,” says Nicole Farrelly, director of Operations at Jefferson Radiology. “Radiology practices need to do everything they can to make sure patients get the care they need, and at Jefferson Radiology, Collaboration Live is just one of the ways we are doing that. We are also aggressively recruiting for breast imagers, investing in technology to optimize workflows, and working closely with Rad Partners to build relationships with fellowship-trained radiologists at a national level.”

Jefferson Radiology became an affiliate of Radiology Partners (RP) in 2020. Together, and along with other leading radiology groups across the country, RP’s mission is to transform radiology.

[Source(s): Jefferson Radiology, Business Wire; image courtesy of Philips Healthcare]