Ortek Therapeutics, Roslyn Heights, N.Y., has launched the Ortek-ECD, an electronic early cavity detection system that has been cleared by the FDA for professional use only.  The ECD can detect cavity lesions on the surfaces of teeth that are too small to be detected by x-rays. Dental professionals can now treat cavities before they can severely damage tooth structure.

The ECD was developed and tested at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine and demonstrated 100% sensitivity and 93% specificity in a peer-reviewed clinical study. The ECD is fast and easy to use, painless, and does not use ionizing radiation. A stainless steel tip is gently placed in the grooves of molars and premolars; the ECD unit measures the conductivity of enamel and instantly displays a digital cavities score that allows dental professionals to recommend appropriate treatments, including minimally invasive procedures.”Dental cavities afflict 60–90% of school-age children worldwide, and approximately 3 billion people suffer from untreated dental cavities,” says Mitchell Goldberg, president of Ortek Therapeutics, Inc. “The ECD is a major technological advance and will significantly improve patient outcomes by conserving tooth structure and helping avoid the unwanted consequences of more advanced tooth decay.”

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