Author: Marianne Matthews

CIO Sound Off: CIOs Need to be Innovators and Team Builders

Healthcare leaders aren’t looking for a CIO to show them how to use a mouse, says Marc Probst, CIO and vice president at Salt Lake City, Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare, an integrated delivery network with 22 hospitals and a broad range of clinics and services. Healthcare leaders are looking to CIOs to understand the underlying technology—like the cloud and mHealth—and figure out how to drive efficiency and improve patient care, while reducing costs.

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Mission Accomplished

Mike Ryan at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Midwest Healthcare Network—also known as VISN23—is proud of his team’s work on deploying a “deconstructed PACS” across the network’s 11 facilities. Still, Ryan, who is informatics coordinator of the imaging service line, would rather talk about the honor of working with his fellow VA employees to “serve those who have served.”

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A Healthy Dose of Caution

Seeing is believing. It’s an unfortunate truth in life, and none more so than when you consider how devastating the consequences can be if the truth is ignored.
The truth about radiation is that it is necessary to help diagnose and treat different medical conditions, but routine exposure can also be harmful.

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